From the Fashion Times to Better Homes and Garden, the Spiegel 60609 Sewing Machine continues to garner much media attention for its unique design months after initial launch. The press attribute this media spark, and market saturation, to an appealing design that both disrupts and innovates in what many believed was a dead market segment. 

“As companies such as Singer and Brother saturate the sewing market with existing technologies, and become stagnate, Spiegel will continue to bring cost effective innovation to the market. New versions of our machine will be on shelves nationwide later this year, and we intend to show our customers that they can indeed have more for less,” says Creative Director Richard Lowe.

“We hope our media frenzy will continue,” says Lowe, “by simply allowing magazines and bloggers the opportunity to test the machine for themselves. Once they sew on it, we know they will fall in love with it. Just as we did.” Stay tuned as Spiegel brings even more innovation and ideas to our their sewing machine models and signature Spiegel Social Sewing Application available on iTunes:

Sample Credit – Fashion Times: