Terms & Conditions
  1. These terms and conditions and the project service agreement constitutes the whole of the agreement and any modifications or alterations to this agreement shall be in writing and signed by both Altitude Communications (hereinafter referred to as the “Consultant”) and “The Client” (as indicated on the investment proposal/project service agreement).
  2. The Client understands that the contents of the initial proposal and the signed Project Service Agreement are to remain strictly confidential between the Consultant and the Client at all times.
  3. These terms and conditions shall comprise the whole agreement between the Consultant and The Client in relation to the goods and/or services referred to in the project agreement
  4. The Client accepts this project agreement as per the details outlined in this project

    agreement and authorises the Consultant to commence work on the project immediately.

  5. The Client understands that any additional time spent on the project that is not specified in the project service agreement will be charged out at a rate of $220.00 per hour per consultant and $165 per hour for design, copywriting and all related production services

    (these rates include GST) provided by the Consultant to the Client.

  6. Payment Terms: – The Client hereby gives permission to Altitude Communications to

    arrange a direct debit through Paypal to our nominated account any amount deemed payable by you. This debit or charge will be made through the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) from your account and will be subject to the terms and conditions of Paypal. You also understand and agree to the terms and conditions governing the debit arrangements between you and Richard Lowe as set out in this request and in your Paypal Debit Authority Agreement.

  7. The client agrees to pay the deposit amount via Paypal, Direct Deposit Bank Transfer or the Clients nominated credit card.
  8. All deposits paid to the Consultant will be non-refundable if at any time the Client cancels the project agreement. All outstanding chargers will become immediately payable on such advice and in no circumstances shall the Client be entitled to any refund of payments made under this agreement.
  9. Should either party wish to terminate this agreement they may do so by giving four (4) weeks written notice of their intension to do so. Any consulting fees and commissions owing by The Client to the Consultant shall be paid up to and including the end of the four (4) weeks notice period including all other related out of pocket expenses payable to the Consultant.
  10. The Client shall pay to the Consultant interest at the rate of 16% per annum on any amounts outstanding under this agreement or pursuant to the terms of any account which the Client has with the Consultant, and the Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that such interest is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss and expense that will be suffered by the Consultant in the event of non-payment in accordance with the terms of this agreement or of any account held by the Client.
  11. All reports and written information provided by the Consultant to the Client are confidential and proprietary and shall remain copyright of the Consultant and may not be used, disclosed, duplicated or reproduced in any form whatsoever by The Client except within the Clients company without the prior written consent from the Consultant.
  12. The Consultants services are advisory. The Client shall bear sole responsibility for the use and implementation of these services in the Clients business. The Client agrees to forever indemnify and hold harmless The Consultant and its officers, employees, contractors and agents (the ‘Indemnifed’) from and against any indirect or consequential losses, including loss of profits, loss of revenue and loss of business opportunity.
  13. While the Consultant will be providing The Client with advice, guidance, direction and strategies, such a role is advisory and not of actually doing the activity itself. The Client is primarily accountable for producing the results based on the advice given by the Consultant.


  1. The Consultant and its officers, employees, contractors and agents (the ‘Indemnifed’) shall not be liable to the Client in any way whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury or death caused or alleged to be caused by the supply of services by the Consultant to the Client whether such loss be economic, physical or of some other nature.
  2. The Client acknowledges and confirms that it will not direct or control the Consultant or any of its officers, employees, contractors and agents or agents as to how they go about delivering services provided by the Consultant to The Client.
  3. The Client shall not be liable to pay for any Long Service Leave or Superannuation to the consultant.
  4. Termination by either party will not prejudice the rights of either party arising prior to the termination.
  5. The Consultant agrees that it will not at any time conduct itself in a manner which will bring the good name and reputation of The Client into disrepute.
  6. The Consultants authority only extends to advisory consulting and training services in this agreement and the Consultant has no authority to negotiate proposed agreements for and on behalf of The Client.
  7. Upon request and The Client shall provide the use of office facilities and general office administration assistance in respect of the Consultants duties if required.
  8. The Client agrees to pay the Consultant for any related out of pocket expenses incurred by the Consultant in respect of the Consultants duties.
  9. The Consultant may assign its rights and obligations under this agreement to any other company or agent controlled by the Consultant.
  10. In the event that The Client or the Consultant decides to change names or assign its rights to any other company or individual or sell its interest to another party, this agreement will remain in force.
  11. The work will be completed by agreed dates, with the exception of events beyond the control of The Consultant. The Consultant reserves the right to vary the agreed start and end dates of this project agreement in the event of civil strikes, lockouts, accidents or any other event outside The Consultants direct control.
  12. The Client has read these terms and conditions and fully understands the meaning of this agreement.
  13. In the event of any disagreement between the Consultant and The Client, a mutually agreed third party will perform arbitration. The costs of arbitration will be divided equally between The Consultant and The Client.
  14. Any changes to these terms of business will be notified to The Client in writing in advance of such changes coming into effect.
  15. This agreement shall be governed by and constructed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New York. Each party submits to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the courts.

     Copyright 2016 Richard Lowe Fashions – Website Terms and Conditio

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